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We believe that when you explore, you learn. When we explore the real world, we use maps and technology to navigate.

Our knowledge platform uses the same approach for education, learning, and insights using data. Similar to a teacher or tutor, we are your tour guides in knowledge. We provide the tools and support to navigate knowledge.

For Students

Improve your memory and never feel lost in school again. Save time and money by interacting with your studies efficiently. Connect with our favorite study resources in one location.

For Educators

Built by teachers who understand learning. Our user experience is inspired by Bloom's Taxonomy and cognitive neuroscience. Integrate your lessons and use our visual layers that your students will love.

For Lifelong Learners

Whether you want to keep up to date with your field of study or just looking for something new, let us be your tour guide in knowledge. In less than 5 minutes a day, explore 15 new concepts every day of the year to keep your mind active.

Three Knowledge Maps


Our concept map has over 13,800 academic concepts taught by professionals that span all academic disciplines: study business, biology, psychology, and more.


We love the hundreds of visual layers you can add to the world map. From seeing where AP News articles are coming from; to seeing crime in the last 30 days in Chicago.


History isn't just a class in school. Everything has a history. That's why our timeline is the most comprehensive map of history you've ever seen.

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Little Tree. Learn new languages the way children do—through association and exploration. Engage using touch, sight, and sounds.

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Businesses need a bird's-eye view of their data. Now leverage the power of Navigating Knowledge to see the big picture of your organization.

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